What is Surf?

Surf transforms your Free WIFI offering into the "Perfect Set" of marketing tools. It is a powerful tool to help you stay connected with your customers. You will be provided with data about your customer and be given the tools to send marketing emails, make social media posts or send digital offers. This is all in an effort to engage your customer base. Best of all, WE DO IT FOR YOU!

How does it Work?

We Install Surf Free Guest Wifi

We will provide a free guest WIFI network in your business at no upfront cost to you. We will work together to set up the network for optimum performance.

Guests Info for Access

A customer gains access to your WIFI by providing information such as an email address or phone number. You can even request more information such as demographics. This allows specific targeted campaigns.

Direct Marketing

Now with the customer's contact information we can then send offers via email, text or web based ads.

Reporting Equals Revenue

Each time the customer is at your location we know it. If they've not been in a while we can help you reach out to bring them back.

Reach Your Customers

Set up Triggers to reach your customers. A trigger could be set off if a customer hasn't returned in 30 days. You could use the patron's birthday to send them a special offer. A QR code could be emailed to the customer that can only be redeemed when in the store or restaurant. We can even set up a digital punch card that would give a special offer after a number of visits or purchases. We can also track redemption rates for digital offers. With Surf WIFI we can help you make sure that there is never a lost customer because we are there to promote top of mind awareness.

Text Messages

Up to 1000 total texts sent each month for a monthly fee. Additional texts can be purchased as needed. Text offers are almost always seen.


Send an email to remind your customers to come back, offer a birthday special, thank them for their loyalty or to let them know about a special sale.


Create a Banner to target your returning customers. This is a great way of letting them know what is happening in the business that day.

Find out if Surf is the right solution for your business.

Get More Social Street Cred!

We can help your social media ranking because we ask your Surf customers to rate you on Trip Advisior. Trip Advisor puts more weight on reviews that come from customers who have actually visited a business. Because Surf WIFI knows when they have been there, any user review submitted gets more credit.

surf wifi allows you to market directly to your customers